Understanding the stack and building the project's foundation

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I came across Clojure years ago when I'd got to know the technologies behind Nubank. Even though I'd had a couple of years of experience at the time, I had never worked with or seen any Lisp languages before that day. It had caught me with its originally confusing but yet beautiful syntax, which emanates simplicity in its essence.

A functional approach to exception handling in Java

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“Compositionality is the way to control complexity”

— Brian Beckman

In Java, it’s common to throw Exceptions and deal with errors “later” in some try/catch up in the hierarchy. That’s a bad practice. For many reasons, you can be sure about that.

Problems With Exception Handling

The usage of exceptions in…

Optional monad to better null-checks in your code

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NullPointerException. The exception all Java programmers most face in a lifetime. The act of handling null values may be stressful. All those if-elses scattered everywhere in your codebase. Fortunately, you can reduce your null-checking boilerplate code using the Optional class for most of the cases.

Brief examples of key points you should be aware of while coding

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There are a lot of things going on when developing software. You have to deliver a highly functional application that fulfils the business requirements. You have deadlines to deliver new features to existing applications. The list goes on.

Wallpaper Omnistack Week Rocketseat
Wallpaper Omnistack Week Rocketseat
fonte: Rocketseat

O que foi abordado na última semana omnistack da Rocketseat

Sabemos que hoje em dia há uma abundância se tratando de materiais sobre desenvolvimento de software na internet. Porém, é muito fácil encontrar cursos, tutoriais e workshops que sofrem com conteúdo fraco e instrutores não tão preparados assim. Imagina quando encontramos um material de qualidade e ainda por cima, gratuito.

A Semana Omnistack

Took from: http://blog.iamsuleiman.com/bottom-sheet-android-design-support-library/

At least when you’re not using it properly.

Not as usual as on Android phones, Floating Action Buttons (FAB) sometimes are incorporated into iPhone apps designs. They’re great offering easy access to key actions of a feature or page, but designers often use it incorrectly. This is the case…and it isn’t. I’ll explain why, but first let me explain what a FAB is.

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Human. Learner. Thinker. Also computer engineer.

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